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Kensington Martial Arts

Harness Ancient Secrets for Unstoppable Self-Defense, Inner-Peace & a Lean, Toned Body.

Dear neighbor,

My name is Master Lee, head instructor of our martial arts school here in Kensington. For some time now, we've dedicated our lives to bringing the physical - and spiritual - benefits of martial arts to our community.

Through classes geared for kids and adults of all ages, shapes and sizes, our school itself has become a community of learning and growth.

We'd love for you to become a part of our martial arts family. That way you too can enrich your life, learn self-defense, and get in great shape.

Together, these three elements lead to a happier, healthier life.

For thousands of years, martial arts has been a tool for inner-growth and self-development. The hard work and patience required to perfect each move builds discipline, focus and determination.

The desire to advance through the ranks develops goal setting and ambition. The rush of passing tests, and seeing how far you've come builds confidence and pride. The increased energy that comes with getting in good physical shape gives you a boost to bring even more fulfilling activities into your life. But it doesn't stop there. You also learn self-defense to keep yourself and your loved ones safe and sound.

And while you may never have to use these skills in a real-life situation - just knowing that you CAN protect yourself will give you peace of mind.

In fact, the confidence you'll exude is enough to diffuse most situations before they ever arise. After all, attackers like to focus in on weak individuals. When you emit strength, confidence and pride - it's enough to keep most of them at bay. Helping you succeed in martial arts is the only goal of our program. Everyone here - each of our martial arts instructors - is passionate about helping you succeed, have fun and enjoy the time you spend here.

So come on by and try out the program that is best-suited for you. You can learn more about the classes our school offers - and grab our lowest web special ever with a 100% money back guarantee - through the classes tab up above.

Still have questions? Call us to chat so we can register you for the best fit possible.

See you soon,

Master Lee
Chief instructor
Black Belt Martial Arts Center
Kensington, MD

  • Kids Martial Arts
  • Muay Thai Kickboxing
  • Fitness Kickboxing
  • Birthday Parties

Have you heard about our Kensington kids martial arts program? Parents canít get enough of it and kids BEG to go. Could be because of all of the super cool new self-defense moves the kids learn, the boost in confidence they feel after completing class, or the overwhelming amount of motivation and support the instructors pump into every action-packed class...

You just gotta experience these truly life-changing classes for yourself, then let us know what your favorite part is!

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Turn your entire body into a lean, fit, functional machine! Dynamic elbow strikes, wicked kicks and devastating knee strikes combine into one amazing force - add in the supreme cardio conditioning and thereís no doubt why our Kensington Muay Thai students call these classes addicting!

Our instructors are committed to your success, and will personally work with you to make sure you master each technique. Come try it out and see for yourself why our students just can't get enough!

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Get in the best shape of your life, no matter what your starting level is! These Kensington fitness kickboxing classes are dedicated to elevating your fitness level while decreasing your belt size! Plus itís a perfect way to learn some sweet self-defense moves without actually having to hit or get hit!

Experience the heart pounding workout so fun you'll be hooked from the start, so effective your friends will look at your new body & attitude in amazement, and so beneficial to your mind youíll wonder why you didnít come in sooner!

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Youíre kid, a Super Ninja Star! Our awesome kids birthday package is fun, fun, fun! We do all the heavy lifting too so instead of worrying about what game to play next, who has what, and how many shoes are untied...weíve got your back! You can relax with your family, take pictures, and actually ENJOY the party. We supervise, we entertain, and most importantly - we clean up.

Get ready for tons of hugs and high fives as your child steals the show, helps teach martial arts to their friends, and has the most safe, fun, awesome birthday bash - ever!

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